Monday’s Menu: Egg Salad

Ah, Monday. I’ve often argued that Tuesday was the worst day of the week (can you name anything good about a Tuesday?) but Monday definitely carries the bad rap. As a SAHM Monday is definitely a little different. Sure, I value our time together as a family of 3, but there is something so refreshing about going back into a routine.

Years ago, when I was still working, we started making special meals on Monday nights as something to look forward to. Having a plan in place kept us from reaching for whatever was fast and convenient and allowed us the chance to start the week off strong.

These special meals don’t have to be involved. Who wants to spend a lot of time in the kitchen after a rough day at work? Take tonight’s easy meal for example…

Healthy Egg Salad

Did you know it was super easy to make traditional egg salad with Greek yogurt? You can substitute the Greek yogurt in place of mayonnaise in any of your favorite recipes. Hard for you or your family to deal with change? Go half and half. Anything to move in a healthy direction is a good step! I also use Greek yogurt in my tuna salad, chicken salad, healthy smoothies, and morning oatmeal.

For this recipe I used:
– 12 hard boiled eggs
– Greek yogurt
– salt & pepper
– dill

Chop your hard boiled eggs, blend in Greek yogurt/mayo to a creamy texture, add dill, salt, and pepper to taste, then chill. It’s that simple.

I’m down to eat my egg salad on its own, but it also makes an awesome sandwich on Dave’s Killer Bread.

To make your nights flow even better, I suggest using your Instant Pot to hard boil your eggs! I’ve never had eggs peel better than when using this method:

Using the metal trivet inside your Instant Pot, add one dozen eggs (or more!). Pour in one cup of water. Set your manual timer to five minutes on high pressure. Release for five minutes. Remove from Instant Pot and place in ice bath for five minutes. 5/5/5! You can thank me later!

Do you enjoy healthy substitutions? I’d love to other ways you step up your nutrition game!


Author: The Gimbels Grow

Just small town southern girl building her dream life in the pines of North Carolina with a passion for faith, family, DIY, home decor, fitness, and healthy living.

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