Monday’s Menu: My New Obsession

My newest tool to nutritious, delicious home-cooked meals.

Guys! I just had to take a moment and introduce you to my newest obsession. I’ve told you before that cooking isn’t generally something I am a fan of, but since it comes with the territory of housewife and mom life, I am trying to do better for my little family. Recently the hours of my life that I waste on Instagram brought me across something, rather someone, amazing. Enter Brittany Williams (@InstantLoss).

Brittany shares daily with her nearly 70k Instagram followers about how she overcame bad childhood habits, loss, and a family crisis to lose over 100 pounds in a year. Through this process she developed delicious, nutritious recipes that rolled out earlier this fall in the form of an easy to use cookbook called, Instant Loss. The best part I haven’t mentioned yet? Nearly all of the 125 recipes are designed for the Instant Pot (or other pressure cooker). How could I not fall in love?

The moment my book arrived I leafed through adding tabs to any and all of the recipes I thought our family should try. There are so many fun twists on already popular food items – but the ingredients are whole foods: often organic, gluten and dairy free. Now before your brain shuts down with the mention of such hot topic buzzwords like “organic” just know you can make the recipes to suit your style. Did we buy the gluten free breadcrumbs for the meatloaf? Yes. Did we HAVE to? Absolutely not.

So far on this journey we have made the following: egg roll bowl, better than takeout orange chicken chili, 5-minute poblano chicken chili, and spicy stuffed peppers. This week we are also tackling the skinny enchiladas and classic meatloaf (which my friends have raved about!). Speaking of friends, I was so excited about this new inspiration I immediately started telling a few of my friends. Two were crazy enough to listen to me and ordered the cookbook right away. They are BEYOND happy with the results they’re experiencing both physically and mentally as they cook these new healthy meals for their families. (I’m so happy for you Katie and Morgan!)

I actually finally convinced another friend to invest in an Instant Pot and her Instant Loss cookbook should be arriving today. While her final verdict on the contraption is still out, I highly encourage anyone that is on the fence about joining the IP community to take the plunge and buy one. It has dramatically improved how I feel about cooking, the easy at which it gets done, and even the clean up! If you have any other great IP cookbooks to recommend or favorite recipes to share with us, I’d love to hear all about them in the comments!

– Jill