What I’m Wearing Wednesday: Amazon Dress

Anyone else feel like time is flying? I am sure that is a controversial statement right now.  It is not easy being at home most of the time with fears still lingering about the coronavirus. My mental health is all over the place somedays, but I cannot believe that we just passed Memorial Day. It’s officially the unofficial start of summer! To celebrate, we got together with a few friends for a small cookout on Sunday and I just knew I’d have to share my outfit with you all. (Because if you aren’t building an ark this week, you probably are online shopping!)

navy dress

A few weeks ago I was sent down an Amazon shopping rabbit hole by a few different bloggers sharing their favorite finds. (Looking at you, Cotton Stem!) And while I’ve always had a difficult time pulling the trigger with new brands online, I am so glad I picked up this navy tee shirt dress for less than $20. The fabric is the perfect thickness to be comfortable while not showing off every little part of your body, and I love the v neck.  Amazon offers this style in a ton of different colors, but be warned, I wasn’t the only person doing some stay at a home shopping. A lot of the colors are sold out in my size large, but because I love it so much I still wanted to tell you about it. You are all set if you are a smaller size. 


To accessorize, the dress paired perfectly with the white slip on shoes I told you guys about in last week’s post, but we all know how easily it can be dressed up with other sandal options. For the cool but casual look I was going for, my Second House Jewelry earrings were the perfect choice to shine with my pulled back hair style. I can’t get enough of this company. The earrings are unique, fun, affordable, and most importantly, LIGHT. This is huge for me, guys! I can wear these earrings all day with no discomfort at all. Plus, I love knowing I am supporting a local small business mama friend! You can now order online or if you area local to Moore County, stop by Twigg & Co. to see what is in stock in the shop for immediate gratification. 

I am pretty sure this is going to be my go to summer uniform when I want to be a little bit more dressed up than my workout gear or linen shorts, but never fear. I am on the hunt for a few more easy breezy dresses and you can bet I will let you know what I love. Until then,  

Stay Safe. Stay well. Stay DRY! 







What I’m Wearing Wednesday: Summer Sweatshirt

Sharing affordable finds with friends

As life slides s l o w l y back to some sense of normalcy, I thought I would add a teeny tiny fashion aspect to my blog with the intention of posting regularly. For a long time I have loved sharing my affordable finds through Instagram stories, but by actually writing up a blog post items will be easier to find with links and photos. Also, let’s be honest, my brain just needs another way to exercise itself! I am going a little crazy around here….


Hi, friends! Who would’ve thought that I’d be in jeans and a sweatshirt Memorial Day week after I was in shorts and sandals in April? 2020 has just been all out of sorts but I am glad that some things are finally getting back to normal and today we are able to get together to celebrate my niece’s 16th birthday!

dip dye sweatshirt

This rainy day is the perfect time to put my new Old Navy Relaxed Vintage Crew-Neck Sweatshirt in Blue Dip Dye to the test. I have had my eye on this top for a few months but it was often sold out after a big sale. After I finally pulled the trigger to purchase this and a few other items, shipping was delayed but let me tell you, it was worth the wait. This top is so lightweight that it is the perfect wardrobe addition for spring and summer. I ordered my usual Old Navy size (large) but if you are in between sizes, size down for sure as it is quite roomy.

right jeans

When purchasing the sweatshirt I actually envisioned wearing it with jean shorts, but this gloomy week has me breaking out these Target Universal Thread skinny jeans which may actually be my favorite pair of jeans ever. I was desperate for a new pair of jeans after my previous favorite pair died from overuse, and I snagged these up unsure of how much I would really love them. BOY, am I glad I found them. They are soft, form fitting, and honestly, would even fit great if say you were indulging a little too often in the quarantine snacking. The fit is so great that you don’t feel the need to rip them off the second you walk in the door (if you ever have even had the chance to leave your house). The medium blue wash on these is light enough to still look great with a lot of warm weather tops and styles, but can carry you through the year. 



Last but certainly not least, I feel obligated to tell you about these cute white slip on shoes from none other than Walmart. I’d been eyeing a white pair from another retailer but they were still sold out. I couldn’t believe my luck when I stumbled upon these on recent and unusually rare trip inside Walmart. For an inexpensive pair of shoes, they fit so well and are actually very comfortable. I have worn them with jeans. shorts, and I imagine they will be cute with the right dress if I ever have a reason to wear one again. Also for those of you concerned about the whiteness of the shoe: they clean right up with a baby wipe or a little Magic Eraser magic. They are lightweight and super cool for my feet even on the warmer days we’ve had lately. As I retire my quilted slip ons for the duration of the summer I am thinking I may even need to order a second pair of these in the black, but let’s not get crazy. This is supposed to be affordable fashion, after all. 

Stay well and stay safe!


Friday Favorites: Behind the Scenes Beauty

Hey, friends! Happy Friday! It has been a week. The sickies hit our house hard starting off as just allergies and ending up with me actually going to the doctor (something I never do!). A week I am majorly riding the struggle bus seems like the perfect time to share with you the beauty secrets that actually keep me going. These items are all big performers, but maybe not the headlining things you’d usually see on a must haves list. They’re all kind of background items that hold it all together so they’d be easy to add to whatever beauty routine you already have. Take a look!



I will admit I was skeptical about this product at first. I had tried other items from the line only to be super disappointed, but now I swear by this Kristen Ess Beach Wave Spray from Target. I first picked it up last November on a road trip to Richmond, VA and now I never curl my hair without it! Once my curls are cooled I lightly spray all throughout my hair to give it shine and texture (Lightly! – a little goes a long way and the bottle lasts forever so it’s a deal even at a $14). I love how it breaks up the curls and makes brand new hair slightly messy. Plus, on day two or three, spraying a little more in gives your hair a healthy shine and revives those loosening waves. Pick it up and give it a shot on your next Mom-cation through everyone’s favorite big box store!



This next product isn’t even something that I use all that regularly (though I don’t know why!) but the days I do, I can always tell a huge difference. A few years ago I decided to give MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Soft Ochre a go as my eye shadow primer as suggested by another beauty blogger and I am so glad I did. Not only is this product actually an eye shadow on its own, but it 100% works to keep even my cheapest drug store eye shadow on all day. I blend it in covering my entire eyelid and up to my brow, then go over it with whatever eye shadow colors I want for the day. It totally takes out any redness you may have around your eyes and holds on to the shadow for long wear without creasing. It is $22 but long lasting and with free shipping from Nordstrom, why not?


Now this last secret beauty product really isn’t all that secret, but it makes the biggest difference in my hair. Who would’ve thought that a silk pillowcase really lived up to all of the hype? My mom, that’s who. And Whitney. And Leigh. (Hi, friends!) Late last summer I decided to finally give it a try and buy one for myself nearly ten years after I gifted my mom a super expensive, luxury brand one for Christmas. After reading through Amazon reviews I settled on this one and I have been so happy! I love that it zips on and fits even my odd pillow well, and my hair has never looked better. I wake up with so much less frizz and get lots of extra wear out of my hairstyle. They say it is actually really good for your skin as well but I guess only time can tell with that. Why are all women not using these? Do yourself and your hair a favor and pull the trigger now!
I’d love to know if you plan to try any of these items or have them already in your routine. Feel free to send me any of your favorite must haves that you think would make my life a little easier! I’m all about those mom/life hacks to keep us feeling good on the go!
❤ Jill